Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beauty Is As Beauty Reports

This just in from the Seattle Weekly: Good looking people make great journalists. This is quite true, as I've had the pleasure of meeting the maddeningly young, cute, excellent writer Alyssa Abkowitz, at CL. Ava adores her too, who wouldn't, as her favorite Barbie, a cheerleader-themed one, was given to her by Alyssa. Ava doesn't even mind that Cheerleader Barbie is wearing a Dawgs' costume. As long as it's blond and cheering, well that's the important stuff.

The above (male) hottie was so special, even nasty insurgents never harmed a hair on his adorable head. So what does this imply about Judith Miller? Would hate to catch her without her makeup on. She'd wack you over the head with her Prada bag fastern' a NASCAR fan would if you tried to take away his/her Bible, or meth.

Then again, Danny Pearl was adorable; and look where that got him.

Oh BTW, there's an excellent rant going on over in Midtown at Narcissistic Graffiti. Looking forward to the book!

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