Monday, October 03, 2005

Gotta Get Me Some Of That Royal Body-Fresh

Since Gracie De'Luxe En Vie, whoever the hell she is, always likes to, ummm, extend a fine writing credit where a fine local writing credit is due, congrats go to Andisheh Nouraee at Creative Loafing Atlanta for winning Readers' Pick for best Atlanta columnist.

That wacky dude is a relentless source of hilarity in print and assorted other media. Where else would we keep abreast of the latest propaganda-spa products on the global (NOT) market? (Thanks for the heads-up, Ms. En Vie.)

This from Andisheh's latest column:

Usually, it's good policy to ignore everything that North Korea announces via its news agencies. After all, on the same day that the Korean Central News Agency announced the country's intent to de-nuke, it also ran a "news" story proclaiming that North Korean scientists have developed a breakthrough drug called "Royal Body-Fresh" that cures nephritis, diabetes and, I kid you not, bed-wetting - all without side effects. Ask your doctor if Royal Body-Fresh is right for you.

His podcasts here.

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