Friday, October 28, 2005

Home For Christmas

My dear friend Catherine, who's been a part of my life since we worked summers in the kitchen of Kanuga as teens, side by side in slop and a zealous quest to party-down religiously as soon as the last dinner plate was Hobarted away, left Atlanta a while back to seek her techy, progressive fortune in San Francisco. Talk about brain-drain.

Fortune she seems to have found. Not only did she meet and marry the enigmatic Robert Ach, or "Robbie Virus" when he's working his theremin, she is now head of marketing for Linden Lab, the company behind the wildly popular Second Life virtual community.

Second Life is once again in the NYT. Today in the Travel section. Or take a peek on RocketBoom.

You go, grrrlfriend of grrrlfriends! Even better, the Achs promise to be home for the holidays.

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