Friday, October 07, 2005

Pick Me Pick Me

Since I can't seem to come up with anything, clever or stupid, to say right now about Harriet Who, other than that hanging out with corporate lawyers is a bigger waste-o-time than blogging (and I would know - on both counts), I'll turn the requisite political entry over to some silly 'ole boys at Blog Day Afternoon. Make sure you have all your cootie shots up-to-date before clicking over.

An American Playlet - American Empire
Posted by Jeff (Monday October 03 2005)

Bush: Will you please stop bothering me?
Aide: Mister President, you really must pick a nominee
Bush (mounting bike): I said 'I'm busy.'
Aide: Mister President, the country is getting anxious.
Bush (spots a lawyer walking by): Oh, good Lord, tell 'em it's ... what's her name?
Aide: Harriet.
Bush: Really? Heh, she'll do. (bikes off)

Wanna see what a few good lies look like? Click here.

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