Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

And ahead by light years is.... Jon Stewart, as always. This guy just whales on MSM mag editors at a recent panel until they're reduced to the the hilarious pulp and nonsense that they so deserve to be. (Having just renewed my Vanity Fair subscription, I anxiously await yet another sticky issue.)

This excerpt from MediaBistro's fine NY Fishbowl imprint:

We left off with Jon Stewart turning to Jim Kelly. He licks his chops. "Time magazine has been a tradition in America, yet...what's happened?" (I-can't-believe-he-just-said-that laughter). "One federal prosecutor says 'let me see your notes' and immediately everyone pulls their underwear over their heads and hands it over." A pause. "Not only that...Newsweek breaks the story." Oooh, snap! "Jim," he intones, solemnly, "what the fuck?"

Graydon Carter is shaking with laughter. His turn next. But Jon wants to know; this, he says, "is a huge issue." Meanwhile, in the outside world, news is breaking that Judith Miller has been released from jail. Jim plays the Blame Game, immediately invoking corporate parent Time Inc. and how "Norm Pearlstine in his corporate role decided" to release the notes only "after fighting it out in the Supreme Court." Don't looky here, mister. You think I like having to defend this stuff? "

Needless to say, we wish that we didn't have any emails to turn over." Jon waves it aside for the next pressing question. "Let me ask you this: why is your magazine so gay?" Nice. The crowd loves this! I do too. Jon is so damn quick, and he has this effortlessly under his control. The guy is a pro.

Read a full workout of the evening's festivities here.

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