Friday, October 14, 2005

Wash Away That Sanctimonious Scum

Good grief, folks. Just how hard can it be to win a culture war featuring, on the other side, Biblical pandering by feet-washing Republicans and self-promotional, ludicrous bellowings of Political Grandeur, again, by that grinning looter of the feeble-minded's pockets? Bring on the Elexa and lets rock 'n roll -- while they busy themselves trying to outwash one another. Oooops... missed a spot. Up a little, now to the left. Oh yeah... you got it goin' on now, baby!

From today's NYT:

Bucking the president on Ms. Miers's nomination, though, carries risks. Many conservatives say Ms. Miers lacks the qualifications or a dependable enough conservative record to warrant a Supreme Court seat. But some evangelical Christians support her as one of their own.

"They're going to turn against a Christian who is a conservative picked by a conservative president, and they're going to vote against her for confirmation?" Mr. (Pat) Robertson said Wednesday on his television program. "Not on your sweet life, if they want to stay in office."

Full story here.

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