Friday, October 07, 2005

Smells Like New Media Spirit

But those old dogs just won't hunt! Can't sniff-out what's right in their face. Here's Barry Diller on the Kinda Now Kinda Wow second Web go-'round we're about to embark on.

From WiredNews, Oct. 6, 2005:

In a freewheeling conversation with Web 2.0 conference organizer John Battelle, InterActiveCorp CEO Barry Diller, who recently purchased, dismissed the idea that citizens with blogs and video editing software were major threats to the entertainment industry.

"There is not that much talent in the world," Diller said. "There are very few people in very few closets in very few rooms that are really talented and can't get out."

"People with talent and expertise at making entertainment products are not going to be displaced by 1,800 people coming up with their videos that they think are going to have an appeal."

That clear-headed observation didn't set well with some, including media critic Jeff Jarvis, who promptly blogged the talk and labeled Diller with the deadly moniker, "Web 1.0."

Full story here.

Video? Who said anything about just video, Mr. Diller? What about original content and a few feathers! (See below.)

Oh, to finally get to go to the ball. The ball being one of those preening conferences where everyone struts around all their e-stuff. Maybe Web 2.0 will have me along for the ride, who's to say? I didn't do too bad with 1.0, actually. Got my little 'ole Deep South head around some things at least.

Hang on Barry, hon. Maybe you will be taken for a ride... I could show up wearing this number. I own it now, baby. Bought it on eBay with 2.0 dreams in my head. Well, a themed costume party this past summer, actually. But what the heck - unlike the Beloved Cause, New Media will rise again.

Quote regarding above costume from a brother's wife, "How many chickens had to die for that?"

Oh yeah, don't miss the latest installment of True Love Pillow Talk On-Air Confessions. I've ordered my people at CNN to b-slap that Daryn Kagan for me. They're processing the data as we speak. Hmmm.. did I remembered to program some kinda default order to squash her in the Ladies' Room door? Hope so!

I usually refrain, for your benefit, from blogging about books. I read too many. Is there anything more tediously dull, annoying and sophomoric than people babbling about books they just "love"? That's a menopausal, Chicos-wearing, Oprah-lovin' bookclub nightmare just waitin' to happen. Shut up and read, OK? Moreorless the same sentiment expressed in a quote in Ms. Smith's book from a character who remarks, 'Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.'

But I'm really enjoying Zadie Smith On Beauty. Only thing is, the Ministry of Style, Vogue Mag, seems to have gotten her all wrong. I'd be pissed off if someone did that to me. Then again, since the only thing I'm likely to ever write is Internet-related blather, I don't have that kinda stress in my life. Whew!

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