Sunday, October 23, 2005

Got Drunks?

And what southern family doesn't have more than its fair share! Asians too apparently. I've been wondering why in the world a wizened Chinese lady keeps wandering through the 'hood pulling up.... kudzu. Well, low and behold, turns out consuming kudzu actually reduces the overkill urge for the serious drunk. Dang. If only Junior could just sober up long enough to cut the darn stuff off from around the Ford, then, Praise Jesus, he might get his job back at the mill. Don't tell him they closed 'em all though. Maybe he could get on part-time over to Wal-Mart instead?

Does roasting a pine tree cure meth addiction? Heck if I know. Go ask a yuppie.


doro said...

you are too funny. I obviously missed my kudzu dose earlier this afternoon before the polo match.

Grayson said...

Yeah D: You're supposed to brew it, not wear it. Got a big 'ole vat simmerin' on the cookstove as we type. Don't smell real good though, but better'n collards I reckon.