Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Ordeal By Any Other Name

But then who would buy that book? Ahhhh.... Ashley, Inc.: The gift that keeps on giving! I gotta admit I love the Ashley Smith saga like an addict loves the pipe. It's such a gothic American tale of all our inner trash piling up to the point where we walk over the heap and leave it for Our Lord Jesus Christ (OLJC) to deal with. Sometimes that strategy works; other times it's been known to backfire like crazy. Poor OLJC. He's workin' some serious overtime wading through Ashley's lucrative agony.

Now Ashley's ordeal-maker, Brian Nichols, has a buddy who says that Ashley and Brian had some sort of history of some sort of past relationship, of a yet disclosed variety.

I hear ya, I hear ya... all my conspiracy-loving pals just screaming, "I told you so!" Calm down for a sec. Get a holt 'a yourself. There's more. Uh huh, friend-of-Brian Nichols say that the "ordeal," which resulted in Bestsellers For Christ, wasn't quite the "ordeal" Ashley and her media made it out to be. Something more on the order of "one more for the road?" For old time's sake? Can't wait for the tell-all that Friend of Brian has likely wheeling and dealing as we speak. And who will drag us through Interracial Relations Muck first? I put my money on Boortz.

WSB video/story here, in the Video section just a ways down on the page. Those wacky Cox sisters sure make it easy to one-stop media shop here in the ATL. E-mail Dale Cardwell and ask him if he thinks Friend of Brian is working on a book.


doro said...

Are you saying she may have made the whole thing up, to exculpate herself from charges of harboring a fugitive? Was it really trauma, or just Drama Trauma? At least she didn't drown her kids and feign carjacking the way Susan Smith did in South Carolina....

doro said...

PS Oh yeah, and who ever heard of someone having some "left-over" meth just hanging around? In my professional experience with crack and meth addicts, no one but no one saves just a little for later.