Monday, September 25, 2006

Chris Wallace Smirks? Imagine That

Former Prez Bill finally had enough outta Fox News. Wipes smirk off of Chris Wallace's face. Oh don't we wish! What a little toady Wallace is. Graffitti in an ABC News stairwell, and this is true, once said, "Chris Wallace smiled here." That still makes me chortle.

Go get 'em Bill. Kick some neocon lapdog ass, like you know you (only you apparently) can do.

From some news source:
He (Clinton) told Wallace, "And you got that little smirk on your face and you think you're so clever, but I had responsibility for trying to protect this country. I tried and I failed to get bin Laden. I regret it, but I did try and I did everything I thought I responsibly could."


Anonymous said...

Secretary Rice blasted Clinton for blaming Bush for 9/11, but she's as much to blame as anyone. She was the National Security Advisor, and how much did she focus on Bin Laden before 9/11? She was supposed to give a speech that day on threats to the U.S., but it was cancelled due to the attacks, and in the speech there was no mention of Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. She also defends Bush by saying, "I think this is not a very fruitful discussion. We've been through it. The 9/11 commission has turned over every rock and we know exactly what they said." Yet Bush never wanted a 9/11 commission, then when he got stuck with one, he tried to have Henry Kissinger head it, which is a great choice if you're trying to hide embarrassing details from getting out, like the title of the August 6th memo, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike inside the U.S." The Bush administration never fully cooperated with the 9/11 commission. At first, they claimed Rice was too busy to testify before the commission. She then went on all the political talk shows to defend her pre-9/11 actions. She's too busy for the commission, but she's got time for the talk shows. Interesting. Then Bush didn't want to meet with the commission, and when he finally did, he made sure Cheney was there with him. The question that's never been asked about Bush - Name one specific thing he did after receiving the August 6th memo. Did he do anything? Like even hold one meeting with the FBI and CIA directors together to find out how they were dealing with the threat. He was on vacation the whole month of August 2001, but the terrorists were busy working. When Bush finally went back to work, he went to several different schools to read to school children for photo ops. Is that really the best use of his time? Don't we have school teachers to do that, instead of the man responsibile for protecting our country. Cheney recently said on Meet the Press that it's no accident there hasn't been a terrorist attack in this country since 9/11. So he's taking credit for no attacks since then, does that mean he takes responsibility for failing to protect us before 9/11? You can't have it both ways. He was appointed by Bush, early in 2001, to lead the fight against terrorism after the committee headed by Gary Hart reported to Congress that a terrorist attack against our country was likely and the government needed to do more to prevent it. Can you name one specific thing Cheney did in the 8 months before 9/11 to prevent a terrorist attack? How many meetings did he hold on terrorism? Did he meet with Dick Clarke? Did the President? The bottom line is, the 9/11 attacks happened on Bush's watch. He's said many times since 9/11 that his most important responsibility is to protect the American people. I agree. So he failed our country before and on 9/11.

Grayson said...

Yeah A: This kinda says it all: "The bottom line is, the 9/11 attacks happened on Bush's watch."

And that's really all YOU needed to say. Whew... We read a billion RSS feeds around here.