Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Hard Working Vagina

The answer to yesterday's queston is, "Hell yeah, if Katie Couric sh*ts in the woods, you'd better believe we're gonna watch that!"

The numbers are in. Looks like we were 13.5M strong. I can imagine the brew ha-ha going on at Black Rock this week. Bet that's an exciting place to be, eh Bert?

Schieffer's last week:
NBC: 8,580,000
ABC: 7,560,000
CBS: 7,240,000

Katie's first night:
CBS: 13,590,000 (MSM just put itself back together, Big J.)
NBC: 7,760,000
ABC: 7,580,000

Numbers courtesy of Tom Roche via MediaBistro's Couric Watch site. I wonder what they'll be next week? Can't say I've tuned back in since the debut night. But I just might.

Since I read a mean Harry Potter (we're up to Book 6, The Fresh Blood Prince, now) to my kid each night, I wonder what I'd look like reading the news, but in all that pancake makeup and racoon eyes paste they caked on Ms. Couric. We're about the same age. Heck, I'm not even afraid of no-makeup and glasses, as you can tell from this self-portrait.

Don't ask me what those highlights cost. I don't want to know; I just hand over the card. At least they're not Manhattan prices. I heart the ATL - for real estate and highlights alone. Just know I'll be ready with the Clinique and the snark when they come for the bloggers.

And one other thing, Bob Dylan, who's annoyed me since I was six-years old, in his recent Rolling Stone cover interview, said that book reviewers were so smart and wrote so well that they made him cry sometimes when he'd read what they'd written about his book, Chronicles (2005). (Sorry, you'll have to buy the issue, off the stands now, if you want to read this part.)

Dylan went on to confirm that music critics were simply full of shit bottom-feeders. Thanks for the heads-up, Big Daddy Z. Like we couldn't figure that one out on our own. Gawd, some things never change; Dylan continues to remain utterly full of himself. Like we need a freakin' prophet to figure out that music critics are useless!? Go shrug yourself. If there was ever a medium, Mr. Jarvis, that needed exploding...

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MotherPie said...

Thanks for your numbers on the Couric show... and the link. I posted on that a few days ago with a link to Dylan's new ad preview on AdAge for the i-Pod. It is pretty cool.