Friday, September 22, 2006

Holidays Are Just Around The Corner

If you're Jewish, they're here. It's probably not cool to say "Happy New Year" or "Happy Rosh Hashana" (I wouldn't know as I'm not Jewish), but in cool holiday news, a Nashville high school played their usual Friday night football game last night (Thursday night) instead of tonight to respect the Jewish high holy days kick-off, Rosh Hashanah, which begins at sundown today. The WKRN video story here.

The Nashville coach said that by playing Thursday night and not tonight, he had the opportunity to teach the team, by example, respect and tolerance; and that such a gesture was simply the "gentlemanly" thing to do. It's good to see the best of southern culture flourishing in such a way.

Housekeeping item #1: Longtime Atlanta writer and one-man Chamber of Commerce, Doug Monroe, has an Atlanta gov and politics blog over at Atlanta Magazine now. This is kinda a shame as he's now tied to their (yawn -- theirs not his) editorial apron strings, and that defeats the whole purpose of blogging, n'est ce pas? If there was ever a word-dog who should be let off the leash, it's The Big DM - a very wicked, very funny, very talented dude. Let's just hope Ms. Burns lets him have his way around there. Don't miss the radio (WLYO - Lyons) politico-smackdown fest entry, though.

Housekeeping item #2: Second Life fashions are in the WSJ today, featuring a quote from pal Cath!

Also... please send feedback on whether I should turn this blog into a daily vidcast, something along the lines of that guy, who's name I can't remember, nor his site, who does the close-up rant thing? Of course, mine would be all lovely moonlight and magnolias. Sure hon...

Since Christmas is truly just right around the corner, here's a truly great gift idea for the snark-happy Colbert fan on your list. Start stitching now so it'll be ready by Dec. Click image for kit ordering info.

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Doctor Majolica said...

Only in Nashville: that sort of thing never happens in the UK, and I am frequently annoyed by the number of important professional meetings that are held on Jewish holidays. However, their gesture is a bit half-assed, because Jews don't go to football on Friday night either.

"Happy New Year" is perfectly cool; if you're not Jewish, "Shana Tova" is ingratiating.