Monday, September 25, 2006

Klassic Kyra

For all you on the Raging Bimbo Vomit Spotting beat, let me direct your attention to Wonkette's latest entry regarding Kyra Phillips of CNN, a woman still set loose for a cookie-toss on our TV screens every day. Be sure to click-on the Wonkette "Kyra Phillips" tag to scroll a treasure trove of Ms. Phillips' media droppings.

I suppose Ana Marie Cox isn't contributing at all to Wonkette these days. Sigh... since she signed some biggie contract -- with AOL, right? I can only aspire to write one entry as snarky-delicious as that gal, my hero, Ms. Cox.

Then again, I've always got yet another homegrown dipshit, Caren West from the soooo not link-worthy Sunday Paper, to kick around, as I had a mind to do just last week. I might just get there yet with such material to work with. Keep it coming, ladies.

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