Sunday, September 17, 2006

Peach Perfect

Sometimes the gods do smile on us. Not often, but when they do you recognize the divine intervention because you're dancing to it. Last night I danced to a live, Bill Berry-powered R.E.M., next to friend Cheryl and a happy Dallas Austin, who rocked out to "Losing My Religion" with all the zest of a true fan, let alone joyful inductee, at the 28th Annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards. Then as Gregg Allman sang our state song, "Georgia On My Mind," Max Cleland patted my shoulder.

This was one for storing-up memories for the longhaul as the evening carried on 'til the wee hours with a champagne-ridden note of pure happy giddiness, ending right back in the one place I've always wanted to be.

And look, I even dredged up Tony Paris from the Kremlin!

Pics below courtesy of Tom Roche, Crawford Communications.


Anonymous said...

Most cool. JoeBob

katie ruth said...

big fun, irislove!

we were lucky enough to see bill sit in with them on permanent vacation when they wandered through here on the last tour. quel treat.

and quel treat to the nth for you! a room full of lovely heroes. savor those memories, toots!

Biggy said...

I heard REM was going to play (3) songs. What were the other two?

Grayson said...

Rest assured they weren't Don't Go Back To Rockville or Wendell Gee or South Central Rain or you get the picture; rather, they were Begin the Begin and Man On The Moon. And they all were on YouTube, but then GPB made 'em take them down. GPB to re-air the show tonight at 9pm though.