Friday, October 19, 2007

Citizen Journalists -- Keep Hope Alive

Yes, it is kinda tough and often discouraging talking yourself up to get out there and commit citizen journalism yet again, for no apparent rhyme nor reason nor enough of an audience or YouTube views. So let me offer up my two news icons for you to gaze upon, Lara and Mike, who never fail to inspire me and to raise my hopes to another 40 page views. Let them too be the hot wings beneath your gonzo aspiring winds.
Plus, you know you'd look hot hot hot too in all that This Is Where The Story Is semi-military/native get-up!

And if all the above ain't doing it for you, there's always AC of course.

1 comment:

trex said...

Thank you for posting the pic of Michael Ware. He is my number one pick of war reporters to play spin the bottle with. AC has nothing on his bad ass, biodegradable or not.