Thursday, October 25, 2007

Slim Chance To Host Spam & Grits Friday

In what promises to be a stunning showcase of fine Atlanta music throughout the ages, James Kelly will guest host WRFG's Spam & Grits show on Friday night from 8-10pm. No one knows country, cracker-roots music better'n James, a.k.a Slim Chance of longtime Atlanta honky tonkin' band, Slim Chance and the Convicts... and of numerous other ventures and pursuits to benefit humanity. Says Slim:
This show will feature only music by alt. country, folk, bluegrass, rockabilly, and various artists from the Atlanta and surrounding region. I have dug deep in the archives of the Slim chance Music Museum, and come up with a slew of great obscure and long lost material. There are artists who you haven't heard in years, artists who have moved away but maintain their Georgia identity, artists who are probably playing this weekend, and artists who have left this mortal coil, but are still missed. We're gonna have a lot of fun with this one friends, I promise.
Also, this is pledge drive time at WRFG. Support Atlanta's best alt-radio in whatever way you can. The number is (404) 523-8989. You can also pledge online here.


MarkH said...

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Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Mark: Welcome to the blogosphere! Some tips and tricks:

1.) You might want to leave a question related to Hannah Montana tickets in a post about Hannah Montanta. More folks are likely to notice that way.

2.) Pimping commercial sites is often frowned upon in the blogosphere, especially in totally unrelated posts. Since you're a newbie, I'll leave your link up here.

3.) No follow-up info about the Hannah Montana ticket scam. I suggest you email the GA Attorney General's office about it, as I did. So far, they don't seem terribly concerned about the matter, but some states have undertaken an investigation I hear.