Saturday, October 13, 2007

Red For Burma

The Shelbinator has gone and done something cool. Again. He changed his blog masthead "red for Burma." Maybe he'll share the graphic for our own blogs if we're nice to him? Well, he might share with you. (I tried last week to get everyone to change their Twitter icon to that of a monk. I think 2 people did it. Social media once again fails to obey my orders. Hmmmppphhh.)

How about "red for Myanmar?" And I passed that same beer can pile on SC Hwy. 11 last weekend. Least there was one that looked just like it on 11 just to the east side (?) of Walhalla. You couldn't miss it it was so darn shiney.


shelbinator said...

I saw your tweet and read a similar exhortation from a social media blog around the same time, but I was still on the fence 'til my better two-thirds weighed in on the Burma matter. Unfortunately my blog layout incorporates the surrounding borders & colors into its masthead image, and I didn't save the Photoshop file with layers, but with the smart selection wand you should be able to extract all you need from

andisheh said...

In addition to efforts to bring attention to the plight of Burmese via gestures of solidarity, we can also help more directly.

The International Community School in Decatur provides language instruction and academic tutoring for refugee children and their families.

Among the participants are several newly arrived Burmese families.

You can donate money or volunteer to help. It's a wonderful program.

Contact me at andy at andy2000 dot org for details.

Donate money directly here: