Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Power of Activia Advertising

In case you wonder just how great the impact of television advertising is on children, of any kind, to any demo, wonder no more. I bought some Dannon Activia yogurt the other day, since any mode of modern living, other than lying in my preferred vegetative state on a beach, tends to annoy my delicate innards. This new dairy product, in the TV ads, promised great things for one's GI system. As soon as my seven-year old saw something new in our refrigerator, she reached for a carton and said, 'Hey, I've seen this on TV." Then, despite an historical indifference to yogurt, she swiftly ate an entire serving, and quite seriously declared, "My stomach really does feels better now."

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Thomas said...

As far as specialized dairy products go, I was terrified of the never-go-bad milk that Parmalat was marketing a few years ago.

It came in a cardboard carton much like those used for kids' portions of juice. It didn't need to be refrigerated, even after being opened and it never went bad.

Were they milking cows in Chernobyl?