Monday, October 29, 2007

Comcast Wants To Be First In Evil Empire Race

Not only is Comcast, our local cable provider and ISP to many, slowing traffic along their tubes, they're also geared to fire employees who talk about what they're up to. So of course the techno-geeks are talking! Good for them. And at least one reason to be glad you stuck with Bellsouth. From Ars Technica:
Ars has heard from multiple Comcast employees since the story broke, and they're all telling us the same thing. They're supposed to tell customers asking whether Comcast limits access to BitTorrent that the ISP doesn't block access to any application, including BitTorrent. Furthermore, tech support workers are supposed to toe the party line at all times, or they'll be fired. "Management informed anyone that discussed this issue with any customer or press associate that it would lead to termination," an internal tier 2 tech support worker told Ars on the condition of anonymity.
Full post here. And call your Atlanta Comcast office and see what BS they have to offer you: 404-266-2278. Does anyone know who handles PR for Comcast here? I'd love to blog about them too!

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Michael Goetz said...

I was just posting about this same thing. It's not just Ars Technica getting leaks from inside sources. got some leaks as well that all say the same thing.

I only moved here from Houston early this year, so this is my first experience with Comcast. I had been with Time Warner for almost 8 years before moving out of their coverage area.

All I can say is that the difference in service and attitude is like night and day. And I never really liked Time Warner to begin with.

I'm not sold on Bellsouth's DSL speeds yet and would really like some FIOS action so I can dump Comcast.