Tuesday, September 20, 2005

AJC Shows Signs of Alzheimers

Senility is setting in at the AJC. So deep into preserving something that just plain doesn't exist anymore (traditional media), columnist there are cranking-out myopic, last-gasp ravings of the desperately clueless. (I've GOT to stop using that word.) For example, this howlingly absurdist statement from Jim Wooten on 9-18-05:

As he did yet again in Thursday's fireside chat with a country mired in rancor and angst, George W. Bush demonstrated the remarkably adept ability to rise to the moment. Just as his critics are pronouncing him poll-dead and his second term an abject failure, he does two things that mark him as a leader destined to join the ranks of America's greatest presidents.

With thought leadership based on such blazingly pitiful mush, the world now belongs to bloggers.

We can go forward with courageous fire in our lean and mean media-minded hearts, knowing there is nothing standing in our way but a tired old home full of addled-brain geezers. Fire-up those laptops, surf the great expanse of a networked world and never, ever look back.

"Blog like everybody's reading; blog like you've never been dissed. Blog like traditional media doesn't exist; blog like it's hell on earth."
Louise Bryant Park Sun Twain

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