Thursday, September 15, 2005

It Ain't Easy Bein' Southern

Now for something entirely way too Southern... don't miss Doug Monroe's wonderful, sad, kinda funny Creative Loafing cover story out this week about the life and times of Atlanta writer, Paul Hemphill, who has a new book out about Hank Williams. And yep, critics are raving.

Hemphill used to be one of the most popular columnists in the country. His first book way back when, The Nashville Sound, made him a literary super star. The Nashville Sound remains the definitive story of country music's emergence from the hollow and right on through to the rest of the globe.

Hemphill remains a fixture at Manuel's here in Atlanta every Tuesday (Assisted Literary Living) night. It's really sad when you see how gray the demographic at Manuel's has become. Anyone under 50 should have a sworn responsibility to eat and drink there at least once a week. If that place goes, we've got barely nothin' left of a genuine drinking establishment where real southerners go to talk about things other than their idiotic iPods.

Imagine if Manuel's was to close. Then we'd all get jammed into the Yacht Club for another 20 years! And Lord knows, every single one of us Rising Generation of Old Timer Atlantans has already gotten drunk with, fought with, woke-up with, laughed with, longed for, cried with, rode around town with, yakked with, married, divorced, remarried, slapped the shit out of and pissed-off about every other person in that place.

Go get Mr. Hemphill's book. This is our kinda stuff. There's a signing coming up, too:

Thursday, Sept. 22, 7:30 p.m. Barnes & Noble, 2900 Peachtree Road. 404-261-7747.

Soon enough, we too will be old and dusty and forgotten and prayin' for someone to talk to... hoping just one of those hip lookin' youngsters might download our book, visit our website, listen to our PodCast, visit our blog, pass us by in a place and say, "Hey, didn't you used to..."

Soon enough, soon enough.

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