Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Keep Drinking Beautiful

Does anyone have any information about the fate of the Sazerac Bar? The Sazerac is the stunning, art deco bar of the Fairmont Hotel on Baronne Street in New Orleans.

This charming spot is the perfect example of how European at-heart New Orleans really is. I drank there once, in a delicious romantic haze that lasted way too long. So naturally enough, this lovely establishment is critical to the survival of the nostalgia-ridden, romantic glamour-swamp that is my head.

I loath travel writing (except for yours Timothy), so I'll let you Google more about the Sazerac Bar should you feel so inclined.

And please folks, let's do whatever we can to keep uber-yuppies from going back into New Orleans during the recovery phase with clueless, well-intentioned plans to make this city "new and improved." Other than the levee system, which could use a serious makeover, I do hope all locals will run stupid futurists and their idiotic ideas for "making things better" way outta their town.

Let's all work hard to keep New Orleans sordid!

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