Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Unfashionably Correct

Awww Jeez. Can't we have an one good anti-war protest in this country that isn't led by total geeks, for once? Cindy Sheehan was caught with that hideous hairdo grinning like a retard all the way to the paddy wagon this weekend. Yuk. I'd put a picture of her on my blog, but I want to keep things real pretty-like on here. I know you can understand my concerns.

Here's my suggestion for keeping things fashionable so that people want to actually look at you, not avert their eyes. All proceeds from the Cafe Press site go to New Orleans hurricane victims.

If you caught the amazing Bob Dylan documentary on PBS last night, you could see angelic young Joan wasn't any fashionista herself. Dylan on the other hand was quite the inadvertent trend setter, but he was no anti-war protest leader. He was, and will always be, far beyond the political. And all the rest of us mere Muggles.

Lordy Lordy, Joan sure loved that boy, now didn't she? What woman wouldn't? But Mr. Scorsese, what's with the yellow-toothed old folkies yammering on 'til the cows came home? Ugghhh and icks abounded. Let's hope tonight's Part 2 brings us immediately into the rock scene. Or to the whitening tooth paste-using population of hanger-oners at least.

Oh yeah, one more item for today, least you think I'm too busy being a clothing consumerist to notice, the insurgency we've flamed in Iraq is keeping busy killing school teachers now. Our tax dollars at work.

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