Saturday, September 03, 2005

Real Leader Sighting

Let the big dogs out! Just when things were at their darkest, General Honore appears outta the blue. And yes, we desperately need a hero right now. This guy is out there barking and biting, and showing a heart and head the size of all America -- in all its wild and amazing glory. Here is a genuine voice of hope for those desitutes in NOLA.

General Honore has ordered troops to point their guns down, look the people in the eye and Get Stuff Done - NOW. It's all about talking loud and with authority, and not being afraid to go and scoop-up the babies falling out of mothers' arms, something he was reported doing on CNN just now, 11:30am, Sept 3, 2005. And he didn't have to bring along his daddy to tell him what to do, either.

Forget lawyers, guns and money - just send this guy! If ever there was a case to be made for requiring military service of our presidents, then here he is.

Speaking of CNN, someone needs to snap-up their military analyst, retired General James Marks. Least I think that's his name. Talk about a born anchorman! What a class-act he appears to be. Wish I could post a picture of him, but can't find one at the moment. Just watch CNN. He's the stunning military man not in uniform, darn it.

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jessica said...

I'm voting for Ray Nagin as straight-talkin' hero. I have never heard a professional politician (and you know I know a few) say what was on his mind and show his fury the way Nagin did yesterday. Move your "goddamn" asses indeed! Old ladies with water up to their "frickin' necks." Get 'em, Ray!