Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Anderson Lets Good Ole Boy Hang Himself

As if I wasn't totally smitten already... now Anderson goes and gets on TOP of this outrageous story, one that first appeared in the blogosphere. And one that is, sadly, a likely indicator of how the future will play out in America when The Super-Sized Cluster-Fuck happens.

What happened is that white, do-gooder, Socialist EMT workers stranded during an EMT conference in New Orleans were, post Katrina, attempting to lead a group of huddled (black) masses from NOLA onto a bridge towards Gretna, Louisiana, a suburb of NOLA. The group was turned back by some overly-righteous, overly-fed (white) law enforcement types who proceeded to fire their weaponry over the heads of the sick, the elderly, women and children -- and then took away their freakin' food! At gunpoint.

Hungry were they, uh huh, these troopers. Sheer desperation, no doubt, as their gluttonous intake of several zillion gallons of calories per day was in disaster-related peril. After all, Gretna-area McDonalds had been closed for days. The hormone-laden, factory-farmed meat withdrawal syndrome was starting to hit 'em where it hurt - in their enormously hideous guts and fat-laden hearts.

I wonder if it's not so much that Gretna's whitest and finest didn't want NOLA blacks contaminating their community as they sure didn't want the Socialists! The combination of the two must have called forth their inner bulldog fer sure. Woof woof. Oh, are those cops gonna have some national-exposure 'splainin' to do now. Can't WAIT to watch that unfold.

I'm having some trouble pasting the JavaScript URL in here for you to see Anderson's lovely face/report (and those mini-epaulets on his shirt too. He is soooo channeling Peter Jennings' savoir faireness about right now), so you're going to have to work with me if you want to see AC himself. Here's what to do:

Click here for the CNN home page, then scroll down to the section titled U.S. and click the Video tab there. Then look in the video choices for the one slugged: Bridge Blocked Controversy.

You'll be glad you made the effort, and if there is someone out there who can help me link directly to that video clip on my blog, please give me a shout.

You go ON with your bad self, AC, you go.


Cathy said...

couldn't find the video on the CNN site; maybe it's off now (???) I absolutely love Anderson too...

Grayson said...

Video is still there. As mentioned, scroll down the very left side of the site and look for the section labeled "U.S." (AS in U.S.-related news.

There is a tiny tab under that section labeled "Video." Click that on and then look on the menu that pops-up for "Bridge Blocked Controversy."