Monday, February 13, 2006

All Men Are Liars

But not so much so as All Men Are Greedy. Bottom line: a satisfied woman does not cheat, and eventually is made a fool of; a satisfied man gets overly-inflated, and eventually makes a fool out of himself.

In more hot news from the Campbell trial, girlfriends are just comin' outta the woodwork down at the Big Dick, the Richard B. Russell Federal Building. (Give a shout-out to former Channel 2 man-about-town, Patrick Crosby. He works there; he should receive a prize for looking good while looking busy.) Get one off the stand, and, ooops, up pops another.

This week, the feds introduce Martina Jimenez... the adorable Ms. Jimenez loves charitable gifting, estate planning and, alledgedly, married men. Just the discreet kinda gal to, uh, manage your hard (earned of course) assets, n'est pas? Here's her website.

The way things are going, Bill Campbell may singlehandedly reverse six years of anti-American sentiment, derision and contempt on the part of the French. You know how they love a good extramarital romp over there. See Monsieurs and Mesdames, we're not all so deadly dull and provincial after all!

Quiz: Name the artist who wrote/sings today's headline and win a prize. (No, it isn't Edith Piaf.) Prize TBD by staff of the Spacey Gracey Review. Prize value not to exceed cost of dinner and a hotel room for just another night out on town for former Atlanta mayors.

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Lanny G. said...

Hey, Grayson. Your ol' pal Lanny here. I believe Nick Lowe (of "Cruel To Be Kind" and Rockpile fame) has a tune called All Men Are Liars. Don't know if that's what you were looking for.

Grayson said...

We have a winner!!! You go Lanny.