Saturday, February 25, 2006

South Shall Never Rise Again Now

Not in any Big Media kinda way. I am so very sorry, folks. Believe me when I tell you, I really did try to purchase Turner South, chiefly to keep it out of the filthy hands of sports-addicted Yankees and meglomaniacal Australians. But, oh, the programming fun I'd have!

At my friend Suzan's suggestion, and being a little low on the millions last week, I offered John Schuerholz a case of bourbon and a truckload of soybeans for our beloved, quirky channel, as a stand-alone deal that is, minus the Braves.

As the Braves' GM and I patronize the same hair salon, I was laboring under the impression of having exclusive access to the inner sanctum of Big Media wheelin' and dealin' when Mr. Schuerholz told me (of my offer), "That'll get you in the door." Funny, I never was able to locate that particular door. Fat Cat liar.

But a girl can still have her southern culture Big Media dreams, now can't she? Heck, if I hadn't pissed-off every last one of my rich relatives by now, I'd be halfway there.

Back to bloggin' on the front porch fer me, lovies...

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