Friday, February 03, 2006

Feel Free To Break My Heart

Oh my, Ladies. Have ya'll checked out Brit popster, James Blunt? Click here as fast as you can. You middle-age housewives will simply PASS OUT. Gawd, could there be anything more perfectly indulent on a cold and rainy February day than Back To Bedlam, a cup of Tension Tamer and a book by the fire? How about Wuthering Heights -- again. Oh screw the book. How about young JB here in a ruffley white shirt and a tattered waist coat?

Oh, my my my. I have died and gone to misery-heaven. Just be sure to download the uncensored version of Back To Bedlam. Let's just all go get as black as we can. Jimmy here will turn around and sing about having goals and babies and having to leave and all that Oprah-stuff. Shut Up!

Trust me hon, ain't no gym in the world gonna give you what this CD can. Nor any Yank man for that matter, but that's another blog altogether. Use your money wisely.

In other anglophile (who me?) production notes, are you not just lovin' every minute of Bleak House on Sunday nights!? Gillian Anderson takes Yo, Cold White Bitch to glorious, new heights of acting marvel. As one reviewer put it, "she (Ms. Anderson) can fire a maid like nobody's business."

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