Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do You Idolspize?

Idolspize: a perfect new word for what is an age-old cultural phenomenon - secretly loathing/admiring those whom you claim to admire/loath.

The Washinton Post online has a marvelous article about this particularly insidious emotion, featuring the author's personal source of idolspizery, Susan Orlean. (Good source I must admit!) From the Post:

"Let me explain. It recently became clear to me that modern life has spawned a brand new emotion, that psychological sidewalk-crack between envy and idolatry that we often succeed in jumping over, but once in a while fall right through. That's where we meet them, those of superior beauty, character, talent and intelligence and, if friends, who are never less than loyal, supportive, generous and kind. For this we loathe them."

I'll 'fess up with my own idolspized short-list: Julia Reed, Tift Merritt (above photo), Hollis Gillespie, Marina Rust, Cynthia Tucker, Brini, Reese Witherspoon, my old college roommate who's now the first female chief-of-staff at her hospital. (You should see her house.)

Also, Brini's podcast, on alt.NPR (cute, huh) is here. Subscribe and be at peace with the charming vision of The World As You And Brini Know It Should Be.

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