Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gorgeous Goths

As I recently referenced Marilyn Manson in a post to a Georgia political, heavily Republican blog, Peach Pundit, I just remembered that Manson's December wedding to the stunning burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese, is featured in the latest Vogue.

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Run, do not walk, to the newsstand to get your copy now. Dita's (numerous) wedding-related gowns and outfits are just wild with style and passions. Vivienne Westwood creations are front and center, of course. Gives me plenty of ideas for that all-important second wedding, should I ever set my sights on such a thing. (White will be banned from that event. Wore that once; got me nowhere fast.)

Note Ms. Teese's strong Scarlett O'Hara influence and resemblance. Now there's a fashionista icon a Southern girl can smack her lips about!

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1 comment:

doro said...

Should I even admit that I thought Marilyn Manson was a WOMAN?
I blame my kids for my cultural lacunae.

Gawd I sure do luv your blog Grayson--thanks!