Friday, August 18, 2006

Basil Roll and A Perp Walk Please

Yep, those Thais sure can put on a good perp walk. Regarding the arrest of the suspect in the JonBenet case, Al Thompkins at Poynter Online says this:

Not since Lee Harvey Oswald have I seen such a display. And yet, courts have said in the past that perp walks can have a legitimate purpose. But perp walks staged for the media, as the Thai perp walk was, present serious Fourth Amendment rights issues. Perp walks in the U.S. are generally OK if they are not "staged" for the media.
Link-saturated piece about the case here.

Former Channel Two pretty-boy reporter, Atlanta's own Jonathan Serrie, now with Fox News' Southeast Bureau, got "screened" over at Huffington Post for his special, cutie-pie brand of "graveyard journalism." Wait until darkness falls and go BOO.

Oh Gawd, where is that group of live-shot commandos when you need 'em? The ones who dress up in silly costumes and run around ambushing news live shots in NYC?

I would about sell my momma down the river to see someone, anyone, pop-up dressed like Grandpa Munster and run around behind PrettyBoy Serrie tonight. Now there's an endless list of possiblities! Send me your suggestions of what you'd like to see cavorting behind a FoxNews live shot.

Better yet, get out there to that graveyard and do your own "run behind." Top of the six o'clock hour is always a good time. Graveyard is out in Vinings somewhere.

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RisingSunofNihon said...

I admit that I am frightfully ignorant of criminal proceedings in the U.S. Does the Fourth Amendment apply to suspects captured in other countries, or would Karr's U.S. rights not come into play until he's back on U.S. soil?