Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody Podcast

I am a podcast. Yeah, well we can't all be Carrie Bradshaw. I don't have the energy to be that slutty this year. Besides, the PTA's breathing down my neck again now that school's started. The time I waste figuring out how not to sign-up for stuff I could, uh, lookup Mr. Big for old time's sake. But why would I do that to myself? Gratuitous, mind-blowing sex perhaps. Whatever that is to my life these days.

Click here for my latest from Georgia Political Digest, via the continuely amazing Georgia Podcast Network. Hell, Sonny Perdue oughta knight us the way we brand the Peach State with every breath we take.

A couple of announcements:

a.) Atlanta Media Bloggers meets this Thursday the 17th at the Loop Pizza Grill in Buckhead at 7pm.

b.) My Level II comedy workshoppe graduation is Monday the 21st at the
Punchline. 8pm.

NOTE: I and my psyche got a meager 48 hours in the mountains this summer. It could be a rough winter.

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rusty said...

via the continuely amazing Georgia Podcast Network

Aww shucks, you're too kind! GAPN would be a boring place if it was just Amber and me blabbering all the time. We're very fortunate that our friends contribute their own blabbering as well.

Grayson said...

Yeah, blabbering friends are a great source of comfort!