Sunday, August 06, 2006

Please Rapture These Clowns NOW

Couple of things from the End 'O Time front... the righty hystericals over at Little Green Football called-out a blatant example of a photoshoppe-ing by Reuters of smoke over Beruit. And that's a good thing. Reuters killed the picture.

Now for their next act, LGF groupies will resurrect the dead baby killed by the Israelis.

Sure. They'd have you believe that too with all the apocalyptical mumbo jumbo being tossed around by hysterics worldwide - especially those in MSM. Hell, they're the worst of the lot.

You will roll watching these clowns as they drink the Kool-Aid, right on your own plasma TV set in front of your very eyes. See Daily Show video recap below.

Oh please, Paula. Just go pick-up some snakes and shut the fuck-up. Is there a grownup in the house?

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