Friday, August 18, 2006

I Had A Ho's Dream

I got astroturfed by Wal-Mart. Icky icky icky. Now, if I was making big bucks while whoring for Wal-Mart, well that's a, uh, totally different perspective! Career too. But I'm not. Don't want to. And have never taken one dime from Wal-Mart. But Andrew Young did, and now he's out 'a there. Seems he got caught "playing church" outside of the church.

Speaking of pimps and hos, I was going to give you the Daily Show clip of the Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) return engagement, complete with the lime-green pimp mobile. Makes all the black and beige Bentleys around Buckhead look sooo boring. But it was taken off YouTube.

So I give you, you hard working Americans, Racoons On A Space Shuttle. Because you've earned it. Hey, beats wearing one of those "Look At Me. I Am A Sheep" ribbons Wal-Mart's handing out on their TOTALLY FAKE site. Don't worry, America. I'll soon get you the name of the PR firm/Ho Headquarters that did this.

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1 comment:

Amber said...

Ugh!! I feel so dirty! And I wasn't even the one astroturfed! (Just reading it was enough.)

I wonder if it's the same PR company that put a plant on Rusty's site when he started talking about Raving Brands...