Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"35" In WSJ

If you create new media, they will come. In this case, the WSJ to the cool, new live online drama "35." Hope you're tuning in at 9pm every night until the 30th for "35." It's getting good and creepy!

Producer (of "35") Kathryn Jones says that, until now, live content on the Web has been limited to "some sports, some politicians, and a lot of people at desks with microphones." Ms. Jones, who also stars in "35," says the creators wanted to mix the accessibility of Web TV with the spontaneity of theater.

"35" is also meant to be a showcase for the Web site hosting it. is part of a new crop of services trying to get users interested in creating and watching live video, as opposed to sites like YouTube that show prerecorded clips.
Full article here. I wouldn't know about all that "some politicans" stuff on Ustream... or would I?

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