Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When Big Media Met Little Media

In the Why Do They Bother, They'll Never Be Cool category (kinda like Republicans), the Atlanta Press Club will host the anchor of a MSM show called i-Caught. According to their press release...

(Bill) Weir is host of ABC’s new hit show, i-Caught, the newsmagazine for the YouTube generation. It is based on user-generated Internet video and the stories behind them. It airs Tuesday nights, 9-10 p.m."

I-Neverheardofit, but I do plan to be at the APC's newsmaker luncheon to hear more of MSM's outrageous spinning of their gluttonous success-i. Last one I went to though was, giving panel, the hideous Art Harris, of some ultra-hideous, blow-a-celeb show, this blog, and sometimes CNN.

With genuine pride and glory, mixed with this utterly contrived and feigned I'z just doin' the peoples bid-ness self-preservation shuck and jive, Harris was downtown at the Commerce Club showing-off his exclusive interviews with some jail-housed relation, in the utter stinking shit heap that was the Anna Nicole death and re-death coverage. There's turd polishing and then there's Art Harris, who just smears the reeking fecal matter all over himself and wanders around like it's Chanel N°5 he's wearing.

I'm still ashamed and furious at myself that I sat through a reeking video presentation of his glorification of scum-celebrity culture (i.e."exclusives") without standing up and yelling, "Get that disgusting celeb-stink out of my face, you shameless bald-headed Big TV freak."

APC's newsmaker luncheon with Bill i-Somethingcute, and Kate Snow, of ABC News info is here:

Thursday, September 20
11:30 a.m. – Registration
Noon – Lunch
12:25 p.m. – Remarks
12:45 p.m. – Question and Answer Session

The Commerce Club
34 Broad Street, 16th Floor Dining Room
Atlanta, GA 30303
For directions, please visit Because of limited parking at TCC, please consider using MARTA, whose Five Points station is across the street, or parking in nearby decks on Marietta Street.


This luncheon is open to the public. APC members may purchase individual tickets for $28 each or tables of 10 for $280, which includes signage. The nonmember prices are $35 for individual tickets and $350 for tables of 10 with signage. Parking is not included in the ticket price. Tickets and tables may be purchased at or by calling
404-577-7377. No tickets will be sold after noon on Wednesday, September 19. Payment must accompany reservations, and there is a 48-hour cancellation policy.


Davis Freeberg said...

The MSM will scream and holler about how consumers are ripping off their content and putting it onto things like YouTube, but they won't address their own behavior when it comes to stuff like i-Caught.

I'm not sure what type of agreements they have worked out with YouTube and the like, but I know that filmmakers that are uploading the clips choosen by i-caught, certainly aren't be ing compensated for providing entertainment to a nationally syndicated audience. i-Caught seems to feel that if it's on the net, it's fair game to steal, but I think that they should be securing the rights to this footage before putting it on TV.

If it was some independent small company doing this, I wouldn't really care, but why should ABC get access to free user generated content, when they have so many objections to people doing the same stuff with their own content. Little media should ask i-caught why they are pirating little media content and then put that clip on their show.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Yeah, sometimes you gotta stop and ask, "Does giving away your best stuff really make a lick of $$$ sense, unless you're a big muckety-muck and/or shareholder at the giant MSM company, such as Disney/ABC?"

Amber said...

What is this YouTube generation I keep hearing so much about? :P