Tuesday, September 04, 2007

DragonCon '07

Yes, DragonCon is everything you've always heard it was. The Shelbinator has your video goodies here. I gave video blogging panel moderation there on Saturday, rather traumatized and agonized though because the panel was during the freakin' parade. (Why oh why during the parade, of all fabulous things, D*C schedule people?)

Still, I managed to shoot some video of the glorious street scene before and after the parade, just haven't packaged it yet. One sight that puzzled me was two kids walking around in matching shirts. One had a large letter "G" on, the other an "F."

My kid took one look at the footage and screamed, "It's for Fred and George!!!!" Uhhhh duh... come to think about it, they did have red hair. And were twins. And were carrying wands.

Need answers? Ask a 7-year old.

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