Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drive Invasion Racist?

What's all this blather about Drive Invasion being racist? Just because folk of varying stripe choose not to hang in 100-degree heat with a bunch of tattooed, ugly, obnoxious, drunken, illiterate rednecks-posing-as-hipsters who look like they're one step away from some hideous, needle-induced infectious disease while the worst music you've ever encountered blasts you across melting black asphalt, now come on, does that make an annual booze-fest event where the Confederate flag is occasionally displayed in some twisted, reverse-reverse-irony manner inherently racist? If so, I'd have a bad rash of self-loathing to go with my sunburn by now.

What about the people, and surely there were some, who chose not to go to a Michael Vick dog fight? Such as Vick's father. Were they self-loathing blacks who wanted to secretly be more white by ignoring ghetto behavior?

Damn I love a great cultural confounding with Southern implications! Exactly what this blog is all about.


Sara said...

Hey, I went to Drive Invasion last year. Apart from the ridiculousness of spending a day during the hottest part of the year in a big patch of black asphalt, it was pretty fun and at least one of the bands was excellent. (Southern Culture on the Skids.) The event is also not at all racist. Just ridiculously fucking hot. Maybe the non-rednecks are just smart enough not to go stand in a parking lot in 100 degree heat for the whole damned day.

JC said...

Well, that wasn't really the main gist of the guy's article, which I generally agreed with. And frankly, there are probably more than a few racists that go to Drive Invasion, but that alone doesn't make it a racist event any more than the VIBE Music Fest or a Kanye West concert is a racist event. It's just music and ephemeral activities that appeal mainly to a certain demographic - in DI's case that's white tattooed ugly people. But it's more diverse than this guy allows - I saw a handful of blacks scattered about the crowd, along with Asians and Latinos and whatever. It's a fun event and people enjoy what they enjoy, so what?