Saturday, September 15, 2007

Atlanta's Fake Media

Cox Media Plantations deceptively faked the "public" nature of their Hour Of Grady Power (or lack thereof), the I Have A State-Funded Dream phony, staged event I whined about in Peach Pundit here. It was merely an hour of rather odd dino-anchor blather really.

John Sugg at CL complains too; not only did they not allow press from beyond the reach of the Cox Media Empire, but they only allowed in invited "town" guests.

Now we come to the public forum that wasn’t. WSB-TV Channel 2 — the television arm of the media Coxopoly — hosted a “town hall” meeting on Grady Thursday night (Sept. 13). But as reporters for the upstart Atlanta Progressive News found out, Cox had a peculiar view of who lives in its town.

The event was invitation-only. Community activists had every reason to suspect that only certain opinions would be aired. “It’s a town hall meeting, but the town isn’t invited!” Terence Courtney, director of Atlanta Jobs with Justice, told the media activists with APN. “They’re running from us. We want a [true] public process.”

Full blog post here. I bet they let in their own kind though, meaning someone from the AJC. What un-transparent jerks they are at Death Star 2. They completely manipulated our perceptions and the purpose of their TV show. Emphasis of course on their show. Sure wasn't "ours." A shameful pox on Cox. Again.

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