Monday, April 17, 2006

Atlanta Media Bloggers Tent Revival

We're all gettin' together for a covered-dish gatherin' in Fellowship Hall of First Atlanta Church of Net Neutrality this Wednesday April 19. Fry up a mess 'a catfish fer sure.

Don't mean to scare 'ya kiddies, but Atlanta Media Bloggers will be gathering, as we do every third Wednesday of the month, at The Loop Pizza Grill in Buckhead at 7pm. And this meeting's topic is Net Neutrality.

Some required reading is my recent op/ed piece about BellSouth for the Georgia Political Digest, of course. Other recent excellent items here and here.

Note the glaring absence of a very cool AMB logo for this posting. So any graphically-inclined blogger who would like to help us out there, please have at it. I cain't draw; just babble.

See ya'll there!

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