Saturday, April 01, 2006

Beautiful Sight

What a wonderful ending to a twisted, terrifying situation. One I admit I didn't hold out a whole lotta hope of ending well. Let's raise a glass to the courage and bravery of this astonishing American journalist. May God grant us all such bravery, endurance, strength, grace and courage under fire if we ever need it like that.

I promise not to whine once, for a whole day even, that I don't have an iPod or a date for the Neko Case show on the 14th - just to practice my own inner fortitude skills.

But don't burn that burka right away, hon. You may need it before long here in the States. God grant us strength and courage and tons of organizational skills when we hit the streets, which is where the battle to fight back for abortion rights will play out -- if things keep backsliding the way they are now.

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