Friday, April 14, 2006

Welcome To The Show Brother

Look! See Monica Run. Run Monica Run. WSB-TV here in the ATL is now pimping their online offerings/website with glaring new promos. I couldn't help but notice 'em yesterday with the TV blaring in the background.

That is most contrary to what the News Director at WSB-TV looked me in the eye and told me, about a year ago, in response to a question (from me) at an Atlanta Press Club function where I asked him, "Do you have plans to incorporate 'new media' into the local news environment?"

The (then) clueless exec replied, "We have no plans to do A THING different with the way we deliver the news." And he was a proud mother f-er too when he made that backassward statement! Wonder if they fired his lame-butt and now have someone in there with half-a-clue?

Man, the way things are hoppin' around here, the Press Club might even think to invite Jeff Jarvis to speak by '08. Wow.

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