Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rise Of The Emochor

"Emochor" = Opinionated (Emoting) Anchor. Like my new word? Those puppies are hot hot hot in cable news according to Michael Kinsley, one of the smartest yet slowest (in a good way) opinionists ever.

Kinsley writes/states-the-obvious in a Slate op-ed recently about the (premature) loss of objectivity in journalism:

"Journalists who claim to have developed no opinions about what they cover are either lying or deeply incurious and unreflective about the world around them. In either case, they might be happier in another line of work."

May I suggest blogging? Lord knows what you'll birth in the blogosphere, other than the usual case of snarky ennui. Let's call that one "snarkui." Damn. A whole new language emerges in one blog entry, but I diverge...

Obvious or not, this Kinsley quote is pretty darn good: "Nothing human is alien to Anderson Cooper; nothing alien is human to Lou Dobbs."

Watching Lou Dobbs do Emochor Man is like watching a Cynthia McKinney press conference: you can puff it up with enough hot air to go around the world, it's still a butt-ugly sight. Anderson on the other hand, well he can blow/emote until he's blue in the face, he'll still be a pretty boy.

Full story here.

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