Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is That Caitlin Singing In The Abby?

So much for the information age! Why am I just now hearing about arch anti-feminist writer, the ultra-fem Caitlin Flanagan? Maybe because I'm on a 3-month backlog of New Yorkers right now. Still, this woman is intriguing, although I gotta hate her, not because she's so icky-retro and loves marriage and suburbs and kittens and stuff. I just hate her already because she once tried to write a novel set in the Deep South. That from a woman who grew up in Berkley. Sacre Bleu! Or maybe I love her because at least she gave up that foolish sacriledge and went for non-fiction instead. Whew.

Whatever she does, she sounds like your basic hypocrite -- praising the at-home environment as a womanly ideal, yet really spending as much time cashing-in while out of it on book tours and cushy assignments.

Listen you elitist piece of shit... I don't know one mom out there who would NOT stay home with their (tiny, helpless) ones if their families could afford to do so, or if an asshole-jerk of an unsupportive spouse wasn't pressuring them to keep working, working, working until they dropped like flies.

That's what happened in my case, and yes, I got depressed and bitter too -- up until the point when I divorced his sorry ass. Bye bye blues then! And yes, Ann Coulter and your "Godless" BS, I go to church every Sunday, get on my knees and thank God I'm no longer married. Take that you barren-mind (uteri too it seems) opportunists.

From today's LA Times:

"She (Flanagan) calls herself an "at-home mom" who would "sooner miss a blood transfusion than an open house" at her sons' school. Yet she acknowledges that she qualifies as a working mother, with gigs at the Atlantic Monthly and the New Yorker. And she has a second book in the works that will expand on her recent article on the "epidemic" of fellatio-obsessed adolescent girls. It's tentatively titled "On Their Knees."

OK... that's totally ick. Those kinda epidemics are for grownups only! And I'm blowin' (hee hee) off soccer practice and headed for the Rusty Nail for happy hour with my best feminista pal, Suzan, an indie filmmaker and mother of two. We'll be sure to knock a cold one back for priss-ass Ms. Flanagan here 'cause I doubt either one of us will be buying the junk she's pushin'. Nor that honky bleach-haired beast's either. (That trash-mouth's new book is out on 666 (6/06/06). I kid you not!)

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ARBY said...

You have the most interesting links! Actually, I kind of liked her(Flanigan). I like just about anyone who flys in the face of the prevailing orthodoxy. And someday...I would loved to be described in print as having an intense, reactive and mercurial personality. "Stand-back"!

Tania Rochelle said...

There was a great review/article in Salon recently you'd like:

ARBY said...

Tania-- Thanks for the link suggestion. Granted, I am a middle aged guy...but for the life of me I don't get why women are so hard on each other for the choices they make. Working mom, home mom, in-between mom...doesn't matter...women pile on and don't stop kicking. Every woman seems to have a burr up their backside on this issue and they love to make inflicting guilt the priority rather then celebrating the ability to choose and compromise. The ability to make choices and compromised is the Zenith of life...not being able to do so is hell. No one should be abused to choosing what they think is best for themselves or their families....or even writing about it...

Grayson said...

We're all such Mean Girls. Alpha Moms... you name it! Maybe it has something to do with low self-esteem as a teen. BTFOM.

Amber said...

And she has a second book in the works that will expand on her recent article on the "epidemic" of fellatio-obsessed adolescent girls. It's tentatively titled "On Their Knees."

Oh fer fuck's sake. I bet she totally ate up the Katie Couric middle school sex "exposé" too. What a crock of shit.