Monday, April 24, 2006

Get Serious - About Net Neutrality

You heart the Internet. I heart the Internet. We all heart the Internet. It's kinda now, kinda wow -- and it's all about us all the time. Well, there are many dark forces at work in the land who wish to curtail all the fun, games and wonderful openness we currently enjoy as free Americans on the Internets right now.

There are pages upon pages of deadly boring URLs I could link you to, but I like you way too much to do that. To find out more about why the "Net Neutrality" issue is so critical to the way we all enjoy going about our business these days, click to a cool short video here. And take nothing for granted. Nothing.

And if you know where I can get a nice lady's tee shirt with the above borrowed symbol on it, please lemme know.

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Amber said...

Why not make your own at CafePress?