Thursday, March 30, 2006

Teed Off With BellSouth BS

Golf is a gentlemanly, quiet sport enjoyed by thousands of fine Georgia Republican men, right? Men who love their wives, children, SUVs and the Bill of Rights, yeah?

Wouldn't it be a fine, noble thing to turn on coverage this weekend of the BellSouth Classic here in town at Sugarloaf Country Club and see a sea of polite tee shirts on the greens, in the stands, directly behind the cameras that read: The Internet Belongs To Me? They could still wear those beloved plaid pants at the same time.

A gal's gotta dream big. Next year perhaps. In the meantime, I'll be switching over to something without a freakin' BellSouth line snaking into my home. So that means no Earthlink, either. Sorry guys. Comcast perhaps? Recommendations?

UPDATE: Real options are starting to come in. Gawd, I heart the Internet. And all before lunch too! Bye Bye BellSouth.

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ARBY said...

The Comcast high-speed Internet service has worked well for us. Installation was a service nightmare that required 7 appointments to connect us. But in the 14 months we've had it, service breaks have only occurred twice with one lasting 30 minutes and the other lasting 30 hours. It is much better service than DSL.

Dave Coustan said...

Thanks for your comment over on Earthling. I offered some options over there. Personally, I'm holding out for when line-powered voice rolls out in Atlanta.

Dave Coustan said...

P.S. I'm game for any pro-net neutrality shenanigans you want to get going. I might have a few ideas too.

Grayson said...

Heck yeah Dave! Lemme think... there must be a place to get tee-shirts printed quickly, right?

And what times would the most people be watching (live?) golf TV. On what tee?

What's the weather this wknd. supposed to be? And who's got some free passes for us?

And where the F is Sugarloaf anyway? Ralph Reed country, right? Duluth? Man, that's one freaky weird place: not only did Ashley Smith give Brian Nichols shelter in that part of the woods, that Runaway Bride creature, bless her heart, was supposed to do her business 'round those parts as well.

I forgot... I'm allergic to country clubs.

Grayson said...

And one other thing, Dave. Will you marry me?

Dave Coustan said...

Only if I can take your name. All of it.