Friday, March 24, 2006

Peach Delight

Wow! In lieu of a blog/tuna roll, there are three metro ATL, fem-stemmed blogs I need to tell you about:

First is poet Tania Rochelle's blog, The Stone's Colossal Dream. Lordy hon, if anyone needed to be blogging, it's this woman. Tania once graced the pages of my old literary-minded site, WaySouth, with her poems, which to this day still blow me away and tend to float and linger through my head at the strangest times. If she has a live reading, you'll be sure to be alerted here on my blog.

Second is Sherry Heyl and her fabulously in-the-know, techno-savvy and way-into-the-future blog, What A Concept! Who needs anything remotely like "traditional" press or MSM if you've got the poop from this PR princess.

Third is the delightfully blunt feminazi, Amber Rhea, and her articulate, witty and seriously sharp blog, Being Amber Rhea.

Dang these women are good. Smack your lips and go on back for more.

One more thing 'fore I let ya go, anyone out there still pooh-poohing the power of the blogosphere, just look where Yours Truly ended-up today. Pretty cool, huh? Dude'd have my vote -- if I lived in Savannah.


1 comment:

Amber said...

Thanks for the plug - but my last name is spelled Rhea and thus my blog is named Being Amber Rhea, and the feminazi thing is obviously tongue-in-cheek.