Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Desperate Democrats

Hear Ye Hear Ye. Democrats in the Georgia Senate are hoping to pass legislation to further "Bible literacy." This bill of theirs would allow the teaching of the Bible in public schools as elective courses for academic, literary and cultural pursuits, not for religious indoctrination. So they claim today.

Of course this is just gross pandering to the religious-minded voter (is there any other kind in Georgia right now?), but wouldn't it be nice to focus on plain 'ole "literacy" in the Georgia public school system? Lord knows how many business ventures we've lost because we can't offer the world an educated work force.

One Georgia Dem not pandering to the right, and who isn't afraid to highlight the hypocrisy of pols such as Ralph Reed, is Lt. Governor candidate Greg Hecht. I attended a fundraiser at yet another overwraught Buckhead mansion last night for Hecht. The hosts' bodacious home (not the Hechts) looked to be decorated by Biggus Dickus himself!

Gawd, you gotta love the nouveau riche. Nothing says "Look, I made it big time" better than that predictable High Bordello style they inevitably favor whereby one takes the tackiest item one can find, a fake-jewel encrusted chandelier for instance, and blows it up to monstrously ludicrous proportions.

It was a bit hard to focus on Hecht's message for all the gawdy trappings, but somehow, fortified with 2 glasses of ok wine, I managed. Steve Lundquist, the Olympic gold medalist in swimming, introduced Hecht at the event since he, Lundquist, lives somewhere near Hecht, on a golf course in Jonesboro I'd imagine. Lundquist is a powerful, charming figure and speaker, and should consider a career in Georgia politics himself.

I also overheard some loudmouth do-gooder-and-don't-you-forget-it type shouting to Eldrin Bell, Commissioner of Clayton County, that a very informal poll within the "disadvantaged" school he graces with his volunteer presence showed that 54% of the "disadvantaged" kids have Internet access at home. A most interesting factoid indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Nouveau riche?

When I first visited my college girlfriend's mother's home (she had just emptied my college girlfriend's father's bank account after his adultery-induced divorce), I've known it as nouveau gauche.

Let the good times roll ...