Friday, March 03, 2006

If I Have To Go To One More Monster Truck Rally

In Arts news worth mentioning on a Friday before the E. Rivers talent show...

Cate Blanchette is playing Hedda Gabler on the stage. I'd about run over my mother to see this. Alas, it's only until March 26 and only in Brooklyn, so only people who are hipper than you will ever see it.

Half Man Half Biscuit, the greatest band you've never heard of, until now, deigns to do an interview. I'll leave you with a lyrical sample. Have a great weekend all!

I could have put my head in a bucketful of porridge
And moaned about the hospital parking scheme.
I would've saved 14 pounds that I just splashed out on your second album,
For that's what it's akin to
And furthermore
You've got a shit arm
And that's a bad tattoo.

"Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo" (Achtung Bono)

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