Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Let's Go Snipey

Oh this is fun. Our own Leonard Witt, writer of the excellent blog, Public Journalism Network, or PJNET, and a founding member of Atlanta Media Bloggers, is having a delightful little rowe with some pompous ass over at the CJR Daily. My prediction... any arguing with someone named "Felix Gillette" won't end well.

FYI all, Atlanta Media Bloggers will be meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday the 15th, at 7pm at Loop Pizza in Buckhead. As we have yet to have a coherent website for our interesting yet unorganized little organization, I can't really link you to anything with an "official" announcement, but I sure hope to see 'ya there. Then I fly out to play SXSW.

Yeah right... had you going there for a sec, eh? I just wanted to type-out what it would feel like to say something so utterly pretentious. Hipster dreamin' again I go. Silly girl. And yes, I'd about run over my grandma to be there. Billy Bragg's awaitin' our mutually held shared destiny I just know.


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